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The whole packaging process

Tropack is specialised in the (re)packaging of goods, parts and supplies. We take care of the entire packaging process, from design to the final packaging. We also propose kitting and sub-assembly operations in accordance with the needs and requirements of our clients.

Depending on the specific characteristics of the goods and the requirements of the customers we determine the most appropriate packing manner: in wooden crates, cardboard boxes or plastic bags. We provide extra protection measures for fragile pieces or goods that are subject to extreme weather conditions (VCI bag, VCI paper, water repellent paper, plastic foil, diverse wadding materials, antirust treatment...).  

Some of the packaging services we offer include:
• Packaging in wooden crates: guarantees the best protection for heavy and fragile pieces
• Automatic and manual shrink-wrapping
• Manual packaging in plastic bags
• Automatic packaging in plastic bags: for larger series and small bolts and screws
• Manual and automatic packaging in cardboard boxes
• Automatic unrolling and coiling of cables

By arranging the whole packaging process, we reduce the complexity of your supply chain management and make available the resources your core business requires.



Packing in wood

Automatic filling of bags

The best protection for your goods


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